ThisIsRnB Global R&B Spotlight series continues, and this month we are shining the light on Kenndy Rd. Marvin Brooks, Latanya Alberto, and Mychelle.

If music has taught us anything, it has shown us that some of the best compositions of work are often derived from an artist’s ability to express themselves while showcasing their raw vulnerability. 

Whether it’s unpacking society’s ills or reflecting on a love gained or lost, artists have used their music as an outlet to unravel their thoughts, feelings, and emotions which have led to forged kinships between the artist and their listener. At the center of these honest accounts comes new releases from four artists that are unapologetic about baring their souls. Representing various parts of the globe, Kennedy Rd. (Toronto, Canada), Marvin Brooks (Ghana and Germany), Latanya Alberto (Amsterdam), and Mychelle (London) have engineered four individual projects that are distinctive in sound and sophistication. 

Kennedy Rd. 

Birthed out of the lineage of great Toronto artists is Kennedy Rd. and her latest release “Waves of Love Vol.2”, which is a second installment from her 2021 EP “Waves of Love Vol 1.” In this three-song EP, Kennedy Rd. finds herself encapsulated by moments of love and passion as evident by the opener “Reaching My Soul”, a melodic track that is as brisk and free-flowing as an autumn wind. Penning each song on the project, the artist’s lyrics are intertwined with the music which helps to create a delightful listening experience throughout the EP. 

Notable Song: “Feel Everything”

Marvin Brooks

Drenched in acoustic soul is “Do It with Love”, the five-song EP by Ghana and Germany-based artist Marvin Brooks. With elements of reggae, blues, and R&B, this 15-minute affair is equipped with many highs and few lows thanks to pristine arrangements that tailor to the artist’s vocals such as those heard on the soul-burner “I Need You” and the spiritually reflective “Please”. Acoustic opener “Myself” and closer “Give Me Love” also make for enjoyable listens. 

Notable Song: “I Need You”


Latanya Alberto

Released by multidisciplinary artist Latanya Alberto, “Home” is an elegantly crafted six-song EP that flows effortlessly with each second played. Among the project’s highlights are the infectious “Futurity” with its captivating bassline and the beautifully refined “Sunrise”. Alberto, who handles all the EP’s songwriting effectively rises to the occasion with poetic lyrics that capture the elements of each song. 

Notable Song: “Futurity” 



“Someone Who Knows” is a musically liberating and self-reflective release by guitarist, and singer-songwriter Mychelle, who channels various emotions on this six-song EP. Uncovering themes of heartbreak and self-recollection, each song reads like an entry into the artist’s diary which at times feel deeply personal. Standout tracks on the project include the opener “Pressure”, the ENNY- assisted “Forbidden Fruit”, and the profoundly introspective “Younger Self”. 

Notable Song: “Younger Self” 


For more information on these artists, please visit their official websites and social media pages:


Kennedy Rd: Instagram @knndyrd


Marvin Brooks: Instagram @marvinbrooksmusic


Latanya Alberto: Website: Instagram @latanya.alberto


Mychelle: Website: Instagram @mychelleuk



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