Muni Long releases follow up EP “Public Displays of Affection Too.”


R&B songstress and songwriter Muni Long dropped her new EP “Public Displays of Affection Too,” today, a follow-up to her EP “Public Displays of Affection.”
The five-track EP was released under Supergiant Records/Def Jam Recordings and includes only one feature on the album with Saweetie.

On the album, track one is titled “Another.” Track two is called “Pain,” a nerve-jangling song that everyone can relate to.  She talks about keeping it real and changing into a different woman after she feels like her man is “not keeping it real.” The song definitely gives R&B vibes of love and pain.
Why is it so hard to keep it real?/And why don’t you just tell me what you feel?/ Oh I, want a homie, lover, friend /Someone who’s genuine /So if you didn’t love me, baby, why would you pretend?…”  Long discusses the pain he felt after he realized she had changed, “You knew me back then / You don’t know me now /Things are different and let me show you how /I’m not the same, I’ve changed /And you gon’ feel that pain, I hope you do /And when you do, I’m telling you…”
Track three “Baby Boo” is an upbeat song, that gives happy and summer vibes.  The track begins with raps or spoken portions by Long and Saweetie ,
“Woo, my baby boo / Yeah, that’s right, I’m talkin’ to you (that’s right) / Uh, that’s just my baby boo (uh-huh) / Yeah, that’s just my baby boo…” Into the hook, “O love you, I love you (yeah) /I’m always thinkin’ of you (always) /And no, it’s not a crush / Baby, I wanna lock you down (I wanna) / Ooh, I wanna cuff you (yeah) / Wanna make you my boo (my boo), wanna make you my boo…”  If you’re in love or have your eyes on someone special, this song more than likely describes your feelings to a “T.”
And track Four “Crack” Long, AKA Priscilla Renea, talks about her goodies and how it is “addictive.”
“I tried to tell you it’s addictive (Oh, oh), /Hard-headed, wouldn’t listen (Oh, oh)/One hit it get you lifted, But one too many times’ ll leave you twisted/ It’s a lot to handle for a rookie, It’s gon’ knock your ass out like a bully, / You really shouldn’t try it prematurely /Take your time, baby, trust me…”
Rounding out the album is track five ” Cartier.”  Overall, Long’s EP takes you on a journey of love-the highs and lows, that is filled with her exceptional songwriting and signature vocals.

The cover of the album displays Long apparently in a black bathtub with her long black, wavy hair, looking upward, and with a champagne flute not quite half full.
Long recently performed her hit RIAA-certified single “Hrs and Hrs.” at the 2022 BET Awards, in addition to “Time Machine.”

Take a listen to “Public Displays Of Affection Too” Here, and let us know what you think.


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