Toronto-bred R&B star Savannah Re’ has us all daydreaming in her new single “About U”


We all want to be loved and Toronto-bred R&B sensation Savannah Re’ has just the right words to describe the type of ‘daydream’ we’ve all found ourselves in at one point in time or another. The two-time Juno award-winning singer recently released the lead single from her sophomore EP, it’s called “About U.”

“About U” is a slow groove that will speak to your heart if you’re falling in love, confused, hopeful, and angry – all at the same time. 

Sometimes the person you want to love you can become so emotionally unavailable, but somehow you find yourself in a space where you’re playing the game and the fool. “I got s—to do but I’m still here thinking about you/ I got s— to do, I’m still here thinking about you,” she sings in the hook. 

Savannah Re’ recently took to IG in a recent social media post commenting “Surpriseeee! “About U” Official music video co-directed by me, OUT NOW. You know he got you falling when you start daydreaming. Thank you for all the love so fart guys,” she wrote. 

Fan love poured in from all around the globe. “How is every single song you make perfect?,” one fan wrote. Another fan commented, “The LOVE that I have for this song tho, streamed it 100 times and counting.” 

As the music video for her latest single opens up, an otherwise business-minded Savannah Re’ is sitting in a chair at her office as she works. Suddenly, drops of blood appear on her paperwork and as she glances at her hand – a look of shock, disbelief, and confusion overtakes the songstress before she’s transported into a daydream-like state. Surrounded by flowers, she engulfs herself in what could be, what should be. 

Can’t function/ we aint gotta say it’s nothing/ back and forth like an option/ hey don’t what to call this, you stay on my call list/ I aint know it’s coming/ See bells while we swerving/ you just screwed us like this/ you are the one I miss,” she sings in the opening first verse. 

Knowing that she can’t play the game forever, Savannah Re’ stands singing under dim lights as enchanted scenery sets the stage for all things romance – but no one is there. She stands alone with only occasional glimpses as silhouettes of her love interest running in a distance appear. “I hate to admit/ when you’re not next to me I start/ overthinking what this s_ could be for us/ one night turn to two and then to three I’m stuck/ when it comes to you I cant fake it/ everything you do makes you want you more but you make it hard,” she sings. 

Deep inside she feels like she can make him a better man, but he makes it so hard for her to love him. As the music video ends, she can see the light at the end of the tunnel and begins to walk down the path. 

For this project, Savannah Re’ held firm to her commitment to expressing vulnerability through potent songwriting. With a new understanding of herself and perspective as an ever-evolving woman brimming with confidence, she created this project with clarity and drive. 

“…I can’t wait to move into this new journey with y’all. This EP is very different than how you’ve heard me before, and I’m nervous but SO ready to share. LET’S GOOOOO,” she wrote on her IG page. 

Check out both  Savannah Re’s “About U” single and accompanying music video below.

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