Spiritual R&B Singer Moneá hopes to inspire listeners with new single, “My Eyes Are Open”


Moneá is a R&B songstress on the rise and just released a smooth, ethereal hit “My Eyes Are Open,” today, Aug. 11.

The dream-like track blurs the lines between what is real and what is simply fantasy, as the young artist explores themes of love and the urgency she possesses to chase her goals. The beat is relaxing and calming, and with everything going on in today’s world, everyone needs to chill and relax. If you’re a Jhene Aiko fan, this will definitely hit home for you. The beat combined with Moneá’s smooth, calm, voice will take you to another place and really have you thinking- which is part of the young artist’s brand. Online, she offers an engaging combination of enchanting R&B music and spiritual advice, appealing to lovers of personal growth, great melodies, and a keen interest in the complexities of our universe and beyond.

Moneá feels our dreams can give us a lot of insight into our reality, especially if we keep track of what we’re dreaming about. In “My Eyes Are Open”, Moneá channels a dream she once had about someone that she didn’t want to end. Moneá is being vulnerable with her fans with this track, which is great because supporters and fans love to get an inside look into their favorite artist’s life- this is what is at the core of “My Eyes Are Open.”

Once Moneá heard the beat, she instantly thought of a dream she had about her first love before they started dating; it was a positive dream – one so good that it turned into a song.

In the song, Moneá says “I’m wide awake/ but I need some time to reflect/ Gotta pinch myself cause it’s really hard to accept / This fantasy, I can’t believe this/Is this a dream I need to chase it.”

Moneá wakes up and wonders if what she just experienced was a dream.

“Hold on/Where you goin?/ My eyes are open.”

Not only does Moneá want the song to inspire listeners musically, but also in other areas.

“The moon yields so much energy and really affects us here on earth more than we know,” Moneá said. “In the way that the moon holds a lot of energy, I hope that, “My Eyes Are Open” along with my other music, can affect you in some way shape or form.”

Focusing her narrative around spirituality, Moneá’s presence on social media has seen extreme growth this year with over 38k loyal TikTok followers and 1.1M total ‘likes’ to date.

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Take a listen to “My Eyes Are Open,” below and let us know what you think.

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