Kenyon Dixon re-unites with Jade Novah for a musical Christmas treat “Here (For Christmas)”


Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Kenyon Dixon is all in his feelings as the countdown to Christmas has officially begun and has fans wondering about the who, what, where, when, and how of his personal life. As these questions float around one thing is for sure – his growing fanbase can relate to his latest single “Here (For Christmas)” feat. Jade Novah.

His latest starts off with  an intense, classical opening as he eased his smooth, sultry vocals upon what transitioned into an R&B track with jazz undertones and beautiful harmonies. Alongside the vulnerable lyrics, Dixon decorated the re-imagined single “Here” off his Closer/Closer (Delux) EP into a holiday treat that merges Christmas, love, and music.

“ ‘Here’ is already a fan favorite on Closer/Closer (Delux), so I knew any modification to it had to be perfect. With this urgency for nearness and quality time already being a theme in the record, I knew exactly who to call to make this song even more special,” says Dixon.

On Instagram, the artist goes by the name of @KennyGotSoul. Just hours ago Dixion took to the platform to announce his latest single. “Because what’s better than R&B for the holidays? … Here (For Christmas) with @jadenovah OUT NOW on all platforms, he wrote.

Fans responded calling it everything from “A Christmas Classic” to “Simply Amazing.” Another fan wrote, “Literally played this joint like 10 times back to back, what a MASTERPIECE collab! Keep being great!”

“Was kind of hoping you’d pick up (I want you)/ Hum, but, I miss you (I want you)/ Feels weird not having you here right now (Yeah)/ The holidays are for the ones you love, right?/ Anyway, we’re getting ready to light the tree/ I know that’s one of your favorite things to do so/ Really wish you were here right now,” Dixon speaks in the interlude of his latest release for Christmas.

With the delivery of each line, Dixon has a way of letting every woman know that she’s worth more than an occasional text. She’s deserving of quality time, caroling, and cuddling.”

“I just want a little time, you and I, no distraction/ Caroling into the night, sit fireside, all I’m asking/ As you look in my eyes, mistletoe kissing, oh, perfect surprise/ for tonight,” he sings in the first verse.

R&B singer Jade Novah joins him on the track promising that the night won’t be silent. “For Christmas, don’t need options/ “Cause I already got one with you, baby/ You’re the perfect holiday, ayy, yeah/ I’ll give you what you like (You like)/ It won’t be a silent night (Night)/ Keep my fire burning bright (Bright)/ Need you right here by my side,” she sings in the second verse.

Leading fans into a night of love, romance, and the ultimate gift-giving experience, the two unite for a powerful hook. “I want you here/ Here, here, here/ I want you here (You here, baby)/ Here (Yeah, yeah), here (Oh), here/ Here with me.”

Having just wrapped up his nine-day international tour last month in support of his sixth studio album, as the torchbearer of the R&B movement, Dixon continues to live up to his reputation of crafting songs that have ear wormed their way into the hearts of fans around the world.

Take a listen to “Here (For Christmas)” below.

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