Angie Stone is back with new single “Kiss You”


Soul-Goddess Angie  Stone is back with the release of her latest single titled “Kiss You.”

With her highly anticipated album set to be released this year via Conjunction Entertainment/SRG-ILS Group, we’ve waited four years for a release from the Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer Stone.  “Kiss You”  is Co-produced by Walter W. Millsap III and Xavier Gordon, who also co-wrote the song with Balewa Muhammad, Candice C. Nelson, and Kiara White.

“Kiss You” leads in with a. music sample of Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes “Miss You” as Stone jumps right in singing “Ooo boy your lips/the way they sittin/they way they sittin/I can’t focus or even pay attention/I lick my lips/ they start to glisten/you want to bite em every time their in your vision..,” making it clear she’s ready for some kissing as she sings “I just want to kiss you/kiss you/ kiss you/kiss you/kiss you/kiss you baby…”

Speaking about the song in a recent interview on Fox 26, Factor Uncensored’s Isiah Carey, Stone shared …”it’s a fun record, it’s a record that says it’s okay to be an aberration of juicy lips, of wonderful lips. I think the affection behind a kiss is very very educational, we can tell a lot about a person just through a kiss….the way that a person kisses me gives me some insight into how they will love me…”

A sexy tune with a  catchy vibe, ‘Kiss You” finds one craving intimacy and closeness with a tender touch.

“Kiss You” is the perfect song ahead of what many consider to be one of the most romantic holidays, Valentine’s Day. So get ready to pucker up as you listen to Angie Stone’s “Kiss You” below.

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