Mariah Carey Releases “Its A Wrap” Album


Mariah Carey  the multi-award-winning icon, songbird supreme released her latest album titled “It’s A Wrap.”

The 4 tracks: 1. Album Version 2. Sped Up Version 3 “It’s A Warp” appeared on Carey’s 2009 album, “Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel” but was never released as a single.

It is Mariah herself who is responsible for the resurgence of the popularity of the track, and TikToker’s new dance challenge videos, choreographed to the marginally sped-up song have become a viral sensation spreading rapidly on the social media platform.

Featuring four backup dancers, Carey shared a video of Carey singing to a slightly sped-up “It’s A Wrap, the camera switches to a chef who offers up to the camera an actual wrap sandwich after Carey leaves the shot.

“It’s A Wrap” features four tracks with two tracks with the accompanists of Brian Garten and Mary J. Blige.

Blige is heard at the beginning of track #3 offering  Carey some sound advice “Now Mariah, you know I love you/ I love you all my life/ but I wouldn’t be a friend or even a fan if I didn’t give you the real/you been hanging onto this dude knowing he doing you dirty/why don’t you just cut this guy loose/tell him its a warp because you better then that/ you Mariah Carey-remember…” as the two sing laying the facts down as they let it be known “it’s  A Wrap” for you, baby.

“It’s A Wrap” features Carey’s one-of-a-kind signature vocals and lyrics that make it clear in no uncertain terms, the relationship is over, it’s over and there ain’t no coming back.  “It is the quintessential ‘break-it-off- breakup anthem.

According to  Billboard the song is now enjoying a streaming boom. Since the challenge took off, streams of “It’s a Wrap” have jumped by 1,000 percent. Fans streamed it 1.65 million times during the week ending on January 26.”

Take a listen to “It’s A Wrap” by Mariah Carey below.

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