Grammy-nominated songwriter Upstrz shows off artistry with “Meet Me Upstrz” EP


Two-time Grammy-nominated R&B songwriter Upstrz is showing off his artistic side with his EP “Meet Me Upstrz.”

His songwriting skills have earned him a reputation as a hitmaker, and he has worked with Chris Brown, VEDO, and Eric Bellinger, among others.

Ebro’s Discovered has spotlighted his catchy, infectious song “Mad Now” from his EP “Meet Me Upstrz,” which has garnered over 1.5 million streams. The title “Meet Me Upstrz,” gives the vibes of letting the world see him as an artist and not just a songwriter- he can do both.

“Mad Now” is all about karma doing her job and the singer’s lady losing him because of the games she was playing. This is all too common, so the song is definitely relatable. Upstrz sings over the track with a bounce and even though the song is about love gone wrong, the track is still mid-tempo and not a slow, sad love song. In the background, Upstrz harmonizes in most of the song, which gives the song a nice balance- it also adds depth to the song. His voice is light but holds its own weight-following the story and the highs and lows of the song.

The chorus says, “Oh, you mad now? You got everything you wanted and you mad now?”

Basically, Upstrz is saying don’t be mad when your energy is reciprocated in a relationship, and you end up getting what you put out.

The tracks have a contemporary R&B feel and would fit in perfectly with a Summer Walker, Jhene Aiko, or Giveon track on a playlist.

The EP is about love, so it’s a nice vibe because not all tracks are about the bad things about love.

As a result of the EP’s success, several upcoming opportunities arose, including opening for Eric Bellinger on tour, high-profile collaborations such as Usher, and performing at SXSW.

Known for his versatility and creativity, Upstrz has quickly become a sought-after collaborator for some of the industry’s biggest stars. Upstrz is not only a gifted songwriter but also a talented vocalist and performer, drawing influences from Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and The Weeknd. He is a multi-talented artist with various talents, including singing, writing, producing, dancing, and engineering.

Originally from Saint Paul, MN, and with an unwavering passion for music, he created an incredible path, ultimately leading to Atlanta as a noteworthy artist. His journey began when his dad, an artist himself, packed him up and moved to Houston, TX, to pursue fame. Their quest later led them to Atlanta, GA, where they met and partnered with multi-platinum producer Shek’spere and eventually his current management. Through their mentoring and guidance, Upstrz began writing for others. He has worked with many of Atlanta’s hottest producers and songwriters on a global scale.

Listen to “Meet Me Upstrz” below.  Available now on all digital streaming platforms.



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