“Grammy-award winning vocalist Brennen Opens Up on YouTube series “Brennen’s Room Show”


“Grammy-award winning vocalist, Podcaster, and Entrepreneur Brennen opens up about his life’s mission to help others get to the best version of themselves through Music, Inspiration, and life journey conversations on the YouTube series “Brennen’s Room Show” 

For Brennen, life took on a new meaning when he almost lost it in a senseless drinking and driving accident. The year was 2020 – right after the peak of his career having won 2 Grammys for his musical contributions on “Jesus Is King” with Kanye West’s Sunday Service and Beyonce’sBlack Is King” for Disney, and right before COVID hit and changed life as we know it. 

As he lay under the hood of his car, the sight of his helpless body pinned by his chest to the hood of the car with his body twisted in a different direction, led him to thankfully make peace with what seemed to be the makings of an untimely death. But it was his attitude of thanksgiving that he believes brought him back to life again. 

In that moment when I got hit, I thought my life was done. I saw the car coming – it hit me and I saw my soul come out of my body and I said Lord thank you for everything.” Then I literally heard the Lord say to me ‘You’re gonna thank me for your life? I’m gonna send you back ’cause I’m not ready for you.’ I felt like my thank you got my life back. If he took my life I had done everything – all of my dreams, every dream I wanted to do I had already done,” Brennen tells ThisIsRnB.

There is power in the words Thank You. That thank you that I gave God in that moment gave me access to live again. My walk changed and that accident literally changed my whole life. My grandmother always told me that thank you is the best gift that you could give someone,” he explains. 

Life for Brennen had been an uphill climb and by the time he reached the top of the mountain he had already gained success as an entrepreneur with a business that grossed over 900 thousand dollars and prominence as a Grammy award-winning vocalist with credits on Beyonce’s Black Is King and Kanye West’s Sunday Service album Jesus Is King. His journey proved to be worth every bit of the blood, sweat, and tears he shed as he pressed through each and every obstacle life threw his way. 

Having passed his tests, he wanted to help others do the same but this time his inspirational platform would be YouTube’s popular series Brennen’s Room Show. In Season 1, he sat down for a deep, intimate conversation with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Sierra Glamshop, Tammy Price known as Tammy with the Tea, Dr. Jerrett Rosenborough known as Dr. Rose, and many more. 

During his conversation with Dr. Rose, the two men talked about being more than just a dentist because “our jobs and careers do not define us,” said Dr. Rose. As Dr. Rose opened up about his journey and how he came through his struggles, fans of Brennan’s Room Show soon realized that they were going to learn more about themselves while watching the episode.

In an exclusive interview with ThisIsRnB, Brennen talked about mental health and what to expect in Season 2 of Brennen’s Room Show. “In Season 2 I’m going to help people rediscover all of the things that they left under the table that should be displayed on the table to help them get to the best side of who they were meant to be.” 

Fans took to YouTube to comment on the thought-provoking conversation. “When you’re out of breath and can’t breathe, you can’t even find the oxygen. That’s when you ask God to breathe life … you low key don’t even have to ask if he is going to do it, one fan wrote. Another commented, “So many gems in this episode.” 

With Season 2 right around the corner, Brennen shares that the conversations will be deep and intimate. He also tells Heart & Soul that this season he will be going into the jails to speak with inmates. 

Some of the people in jail are not being heard. All of it is going back to mental health. Why did they do what they did? Something happened but it all goes back to mental health. They all were saying something was wrong but nobody really heard them until they actually committed a crime,” he explains compassionately. 

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