Jill Scott’s Who Is Jill Scott? 23rd-anniversary tour dominates Detroit


If you know you know, Jill Scott’s vocals hit better live, and the singer/songwriter did not disappoint when the Who Is Jill Scott? 23rd-anniversary tour stopped in Detroit on Friday, March 31, at the Fox Theatre. Scott performed her Grammy-nominated debut album Who Is Jill Scott? Words & Sounds Vol. 1,  from start to finish.

Giving rich auntie vibes, the gorgeous soulstress rocked a chic champagne pantsuit with a customized duster bearing her image on the back. As the dulcet tones of “Do You Remember” took us back to those early moments when we first met her, we settled in for a night of reminiscing and vibing. Her vocals reverberated through our souls as she sang hits such as “Gettin’ In the Way,” “A Long Walk,” and “The Way,” accompanied by her background singers, “the pipes” (a tribute to Gladys Knight and the Pips). Lithe dancers gave the show an extra kick, as the actress gave quips with some giggles throughout the night.

“I’ve just enjoyed this ride so much, I didn’t know how this s— was gonna go … 23 years later,” the actress told the audience as she reflected on her journey. There was extended applause and cheers of reverence from the women and men in the audience. This was more than a concert, it was a reminder of those moments when we cleaned our house as “Love Rain” played in the background, or when “Slowly Surely” was on repeat after that breakup, or those climatic moments during “He Loves Me.”

With “Brotha” and “Watching Me,” which have lyrics that remain true in 2023,  she expressed her love for Black men and contempt for how America handles social and political issues. She also reminded us that “One Is the Magic #” when it comes to loving yourself. Scott said, “Show Me” was the last song of the night, and that was a lie that we didn’t mind because she returned to the stage to sing “Crown Royal,” “Golden,” and “Hate on Me,” tracks from her later albums. Fans left fully satisfied with their fix of Jilly from Philly.

Be sure to experience the Who Is Jill Scott? 23rd Anniversary tour. Follow @missjillscott on IG for updates.

Cover photo credit: 313 Presents/Chris Schwegler

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