Tyrese Reveals Atlantic Records Has Agreed To A New TGT Album In New Two-Part R&B Money Interview


TGT was an R&B supergroup consisting of Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank that was the biggest act in the genre in 2013 behind the success of their debut album, “Three Kings,” on Atlantic Records. However, due to disagreements between the singers and the record label, the group disbanded in 2015 while fans patiently awaited a second album. Eight years later, Tyrese, the latest guest on iHeartMedia’s R&B Money Podcast hosted by Tank and J. Valentine, revealed that Atlantic Records has agreed to create a second TGT album. 

“I got some great news for you, Tank and J,” Tyrese reveals at the 25:00 minute mark of episode 44, part one. “Atlantic Records has officially agreed to sign TGT for a second album… yeah, congratulations.”

Tank would not deliver a concrete answer when asked about a proposed second TGT album, as the two hosts believed it was a topic not up for discussion without Ginuwine present. However, following the announcement, Tyrese, Tank, and J would continue a two-part interview that discussed Tyrese’s rise in music, relationships, acting, favorite R&B singers and songs, Usher, Brandy, and so much more. “I don’t sing backgrounds,” Tyrese says when discussing “Sweet Lady.”

The two-part episode’s synopsis is as follows:

Part 1: This week on R&B Money, Tank, and J Valentine are joined by Tyrese Gibson, who will detail his journey, hailing from Watts to the heights of hit records and to banking Billions at the Box office. Three men can see the same event and have different views. Tyrese talks about what fractured TGT, knowing your worth, his impromptu presentation of his market share, and the perplexing paradox of being “Hollywood” while harboring Humility. With a magnetic presence that captivates the room before he has even arrived, the activity gets activated quickly. Through the banter of brothers, there is a heartfelt undercurrent of love and respect. Tyrese pours into his peers through his powerful platform, ultimately detailing how he is being used as an instrument of the Almighty. Revel in the revelations of Tyrese Part 1, now on The R&B Money Podcast.

Part 2: On this week’s R&B Money Podcast, delve into the conclusion of the conversation with the enigmatic Tyrese. They will discuss the many lives and iterations of the hit record “I Like Them Girls,” Throwback Jersey Theory, the subtle intricacies of the hierarchy on the road, paying your dues, becoming excellent in an aggressive environment, and the beautiful pain of unrequited love. Ultimately, it is the bond between Tyrese, Tank, and J, that clearly navigates the complexities of a friendship that transcends time and circumstance. Within their powerful connection lies a quiet understanding that roars louder than their boisterous laughter, a resounding testament to the enduring nature of their formidable and inseparable alliance. Unfiltered, without pretense or artifice, Part 2 of The Tyrese Episode, Now on The R&B Money Podcast.

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In other news, Tyrese released his latest single, “Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me” featuring Lenny Kravitz, last month on his Voltron Recordz. The song will appear on Tyrese’s upcoming album, Beautiful Pain, a double album slated for 2023. 

“This was my hardest album to make… I love this album, but I wish it was somebody else – this my truth,” says Tyrese

“Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me” is currently climbing the top of the charts.  Take a listen here..

Watch the two-part interview below.

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