R&B lovers have been graced with so much new music the past few weeks, and beyond. Here are some R&B releases you may have missed.

Omarion releases new single, “Serious”

Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Omarion released his second single for this month, “Serious.” Earlier this month, Omarion released “Big Vibez,” which is the debut single from his upcoming album, “Full Circle” Sonic Book One,” which will be released next month.

“Serious” is a mid-tempo track talking about getting serious with his girl. He says he has to get serious with her because he loves her energy, mind, etc.-not just her body. Omarion sounds passionate on the track and the harmonies on the track give R&B vibes.

Click below to view the lyric video for “Serious”


SZA and Doja Cat collab on “Kill Bill” remix

Grammy-award-winning artists SZA and Doja Cat have collabed on a remix of SZA’s “Kill Bill” track which is featured on SZA’s new album, “SOS,” which was released late 2022. The album was a chart topper on the Billboard 200.

Doja added her verse to the beginning of the track-riding the beat. The rest of the track was all SZA from the original track. The track sounds dreamy and is all about a break up and contemplating on what to do next-either move on or make him hurt, literally.
The chorus says,

“I might (Was it?)/I might kill my ex, not the best idea /His new girlfriend’s next, how’d I get here?/I might kill my ex, I still love him, though/Rather be in jail than alone.”

Click below to view the video for “Kill Bill Remix”


DAVIDO drops the official video for lead single “Unavailable” from his new LP “Timeless”

Nigerian Afrobeats superstar Davido has released a video for his lead single,” Unavailable” featuring Musa Keys. Last month, Davido released a 17-track album, “Timeless.” The video was directed by Dammy Twitch. The song is about being unavailable to the bull and only dealing with what makes you happy and adds to your life. The video shows Davido dancing in different African settings.

Click below to view the video for “Unavailable”


Jade Novah releases new single “Butterfly”

Multi-talented singer and songwriter Jade Novah just released her new single, “Butterfly.”
If you’re going through a breakup or leaving a toxic relationship, you can definitely relate. The track is positive and talks about finding yourself again after deciding to choose yourself instead of a toxic relationship. Her voice sounds very light on the track, yet still strong, signifying lightening her load and transforming into a “butterfly. The harmonies also make the track sound brighter and uplifting.

Part of the chorus says,

“’Cause you made me / So unsure / Insecure/ Dim my light / But now I’m so alive / Touch the sky / Butterfly”
Novah is also a member of the band as a singer in the TV show, “That’s My Jam.” Last August, she released an EP, “Moon in Pisces.”

Click below to listen to “Butterfly”


Jean Deaux releases new EP “Heavy”

R&B Soul Artist and Musician Jean Deaux has released her EP, “Heavy.” The EP has seven tracks that are not quite 3 minutes long. Deaux raps and sings on the tracks, and the beats are a mixture of R&B, Hip Hop, and some hints of Pop. She has her own unique sound. The tracks are about different things ranging from getting the bag to love.

Click below to listen to “Heavy”

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