TA Thomas brings different vibe with new single “June 15th”


Grammy-nominated R&B singer and musician TA Thomas is bringing something different to R&B with his newly released single, “June 15th,” the first track from his upcoming debut EP.

The interesting and standout feature of this track is the fact that Thomas’ voice and background ad-libs contribute to the instrumentation of the track, acting as an instrument in a sense. He sings in a high, relaxed tone that fills the song with honesty. The track sounds like an open book as Thomas speaks truthfully about the ups and downs of relationships. He talks about being in love one second and the next day, feeling like strangers to one another. The song describes the unfortunate roller coaster of relationships performed in an impassioned way.

“We like a perfect match in the rain/water can’t stop this from going up in flames.”

This is a song about facing the reality of a relationship that isn’t serving you and facing the fact that most of the passion and emotions are gone-but what to do next and who to blame?

Thomas, a self-taught singer, musician, and performer, who learned to play piano in his community church, began his career as part of the RCA-signed boy band group, Next Town Down. In early 2020, after geographically separating from Next Town Down, TA  began to explore his own sound. Sharing covers consistently on social media, TA built his personal following and presence, generating positive attention as he reached new audiences on the platforms. In 2022, TA reconnected with Tre’von Waters of Next Town Down to write “Talm’ Bout’, for Chris Brown’s Breezy album, which earned TA his first Grammy Nomination. Since then, he’s been fine-tuning his sound and turning the page on a new chapter in his sonic journey.

Listen to “June 15th” below.

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