Country Music Star Mickey Guyton and Kane Brown’s Romantic New single ” Nothing Compares To You”


4X Grammy Nominated Country Music Star Mickey Guyton and Kane Brown Take Listeners On A Romantic, Melodic Trail from Loneliness to Surrender With New SingleNothing Compares To You.”

For every man that ever thought he’d be a bachelor for the rest of his life, for every woman who told herself she was just fine without a man to call her own – two Black country stars have teamed up to musically describe that moment when love calls your name. From its melodic opening to the song’s last hook, both parties admitted along the melodic trail of love they etched in our hearts that they were wrong, dead wrong about never needing love. 5X Grammy-nominated country star Mickey Guyton and Beloved Country singer Kane Brown have teamed up for Country Music’s best new music ‘Nothing Compares To You.’ 

“… All I used to talk about was/ How I never needed love, never needed anyone/ Damn, I was wrong/ Look what you did/ Now, I can’t sleep without you in my bed,” Guyton sings in the first verse.  The song newly hit the country music radio and has become a new anthem for men and women all over the globe who are finally free enough, vulnerable enough, and honest enough to admit love has brought unity to what was once a single heart. 

Guyton, who just got off tour Shania Twain, tells, “I’m really, really excited, this is the next chapter of me. Kane Brown is a huge superstar in country music and he’s a Black man that has really supported me in my climb. I asked him to be a part of this song on Instagram. I slid into his DM’s and he loved the song – we just shot a music video. Our new single just went out to the actual country radio on Monday, so I’m so excited. It’s a big deal.” 

Take all my Friday and Saturday nights/ Take all the things that you know that I like/ If I ain’t got you, baby/ Nothing will do, baby (baby)/ ‘Cause nothing compares/ Nothing compares/ Take my money and all of my time/ All of my favorite songs that I write/ If I ain’t got you, baby/ Nothing will do, baby (baby)/ ‘Cause nothing compares/ Nothing compares to you (you),” The duo sings in the songs catchy hook. 

As Black Country Music’s most beloved vocalist, Guyton opened up to on the red carpet of the Rogers Pearson Launch in Los Angeles about her latest tour with Twain while sharing sentiments about her new music.Well I just got off tour with Shania Twain and that was amazing. She was one of my superheroes and I’ve got this whole new project, the new album coming out. And this new song with Kane Brown it’s the beginning steps of that. I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see it. It’s the fun side of me!” 

Since its release three weeks ago, Nothing Compares To You amassed over 68K views on YouTube before picking up steam after its country radio release yesterday. One fan commented “Nothing compares to Mickey! Great singer! Great person! Love the new song!” Another fan wrote, “Wow, beautiful song! Mickey and Kane, you are both very talented singers!” 

“I’m crazy! I’m crazy,” Guyton said enthusiastically as she spoke of her new music. Promising to reveal layers of her personality that have laid dormant, Guyton exclaimed, “Tequila, tequila, tequila – with Tequila Mickey comes out! it’s just a whole different person. People have no idea. So, you’re gonna get a side of that.” 

For more on Guyton and Brown, visit them on Instagram @ Mickey Guyton and @Kane Brown

Take a listen to the new romantic smash hit “Nothing Compares To You” below.

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