Phony Ppl Taped By Jack Daniel’s ‘Art, Beats + Lyrics’ Immersive Virtual Reality Experience


R&B fusion group Phony Ppl is paying tribute to 50th years of hip-hop as part of the partnership with Jack Daniel’s ‘Art, Beats + Lyrics’ immersive virtual reality experience.

The celebrations surrounding hip-hop’s 50th anniversary are far from over. Now, R&B acts are taking a moment to pay their respects to its seemingly sibling genre. Brooklyn, New York supergroup, PhonyVisit Site Ppl’s partnership with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey is an imaginative example of this cultural appreciation. 

As part of the company’s Art, Beats + Lyrics series, Jack Daniel has tapped the Phony Ppl for its immersive reality experience, The Verse. Set in the metaverse, The Verse is a carefully curated online experience including interactive attractions, extensive visual art exhibits, exclusive virtual performances by Phony Ppl, and more.

The virtual concert of Phony Ppl utilizes markerless motion capture through AI technology making it one of the first digital music experiences to do so. On September 28, Phony Ppl are dialing things up a notch by hosting a meet-and-greet and virtual fireside chat with fans on the platform. Other events set to take place within The Verse include a virtual panel on Hip Hop’s 50th anniversary and its tech-led future organized by HipHopForChange set to go back next month.

When asked about their involvement with the series, in a statement, Phony Ppl said, “We are thrilled to present this revolutionary experience to our audience. By fusing the worlds of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, music, and technology, we are bringing an unparalleled platform for our fans to connect, celebrate, and experience our first-ever virtual concert!”

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Brand Director Keenan Harris echoed the group’s sentiments, saying, “By honoring Hip Hop culture, ‘The Verse’ serves as a reminder of the transformative power of art and music, instilling hope and inspiring positive change within the community and beyond. This virtual art gallery and music experience will showcase Jack Honey’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation while remaining true to our core values of upholding authenticity and passion.”

The Verse can be accessed through several connected devices including mobile, tablet, desktop, or VR headsets. The initiative, which consists of a touring art and music program, was launched in 2004 to support visual artists across disciplines. To learn about their efforts and to experience The Verse for yourself, click here.


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