Happy Birthday to the Incredible “Ledisi” + Exclusive Interview with ThisIsRnB


“I’m just doing my good work, and letting God do the rest”Ledisi

Grammy-award-winner, powerhouse soulful vocalist Ledisi’s 11th studio album “Good Life” continues to dominate the charts along with her “Good Life Tour.”

‘Good Life,’ is an exemplification of her growth as an artist and declaration of her staying power. It is a gift to her fans the world over. With her ability to master classical, jazz, blues, R&B, rock, and French, she has demonstrated diversity in her artistry and depth throughout her career. And, she has so much more to offer! The music from this project is timeless and will be celebrated for generations to come.  Ledisi recognizes her value and is conscientious about her work.

“This project is another part of my growth as a songwriter and artist. I am becoming more iconic and surer of my library of music.  The Nina project set me up to be whatever I want to be. This is another version.  The best is yet to come.  This album opened me back up for what is next.  This is for the fan that supported me throughout the years,”- shares Ledisi.

ThisIsRnB had the pleasure of speaking with unequivocally one of the best vocalists in the industry today. The iconic singer doesn’t hold back when talking about her legacy in the music industry, the importance of the “Good Life” album, and the purposeful sequencing within the album. She taps in on working with musical maestro Camper, and soulful singer Raheem DeVaughn and others.  Ledisi explains the importance and meaning of the “Good Life” tour, its impact on her, and what she wants fans to take away from it.

When asked about being an incredibly underrated artist ledisi said, I’m enjoying the people that I’ve met. They’re not of the popularity they love the art though, you know their work. And that’s what I want to be known for now. I’m happy. If underrated means, ah, not always being seen, fine. Discover me. Come, I love people who explore, and then they discover me, and they discover other parts of my work… Be an explorer and hunt for me. That’s right, find me, and I become this thing for you. And what’s beautiful about my fanbase, is they stay forever… So I look at it like a compliment, or I don’t look at it all. I’m just doing my good work, and letting God do the rest.”

Speaking with Ledisi was markedly a highlight for ThisIsRnB’s host Kadeja Wexler as she said: “It was such an amazing interview with genuine love felt throughout. Ledisi is a truly authentic artist whose impassionate storytelling creates music that resonates and touches the listeners’ souls, hearts, bodies, and minds. Ledisi deserves her flowers now and we are excited to see her star continuing to  shine bright.”

ThisIsRnB extends birthday wishes to the incomparable Ledisi today, March 28th. We send her every best wish and God’s continued Love and Blessings.

Go download, stream, purchase the “Good Life” album, and follow Ledisi on Instagram here.

Be sure to watch our full exclusive interview with Ledisi below.

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