Explicit: Macy Gray and Big Freedia’s new release, “I AM” embraces being yourself, in time for Pride Month


Grammy-awarding winning artist Macy Gray and powerhouse Big Freedia have collaborated for the first time with their new single, “I AM,” in celebration of Pride Month. 

Pride Month is celebrated each June Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Month is currently celebrated each year in June to honor the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan, according to The Library of Congress. The Stonewall Uprising was a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. 

The song is about being who you are with no regrets and not caring about what others think.

Big Freedia begins the song by rapping saying,

“Big Freedia, queen diva, l’ma be who I be/Everybody ’round the world wanna do it like me/Just release your wiggle (wiggle), gotta do a lil’ giggle (haha)”

Macy Gray’s well-known raspy, soulful, distinctive voice comes in on the hook.

“I am who I am/F*ck you/I don’t give a damn so/F*ck you too

Telling everybody/ Telling everybody/ I am who I am/So f*ck you, too”

Gray goes in the second verse saying “​​I can’t apologize for what you don’t understand /See, I’m a unicorn/I’m far out,  baby, I am, I am.”

Big Freedia’s ad-libs in the background help bring the song to life and make the song fun- she’s the hype woman for the song. The beat itself is upbeat and the instrumentation, drums, and claps give it a party feel. The music sounds “happy.”

The bridge gives the track a line-dance component:

“Everybody to the left /Everybody to the right/Everybody step side to side now /Throw your hands up high/Shake your body, do the roochi-roo, yeah”

The song’s message is not just for Pride Month, but anytime really- let people be who they are, period. Even if you don’t agree, it doesn’t cost a thing to be nice and show compassion for other human beings.

“I AM” is the anthem for 2024 Pride and Beyond,” said Big Freedia in a press release. “This song is about living in your truth, being unabashedly free to be your authentic self!  I Had so much fun with Macy making this track; we’ve wanted to work together forever, and so excited for the world to hear this track. Sing it loud: ‘I AM WHO I AM!'” 

On June 18, the “I AM” remix featuring Paul Oakenfold will drop exclusively on the Web3 music platform, Gala Music. This partnership highlights how legacy artists like Gray are embracing innovative technology to distribute their music. Gala Music’s platform allows artists to connect directly with fans, offering unique, limited-edition releases that redefine the music distribution landscape.

“I AM” first became available on June 12 with 100 tracks priced at $100 each. 

The presale for the remix will be available on June 18 at noon PT. Fans can also join Macy Gray for a special Discord AMA at 11 a.m. PT on the same day.

Gray, who is also a songwriter, and actress, rose to fame with her debut album “On How Life Is” in 1999, featuring the Grammy-winning hit single “I Try,” which remains her most popular song. Gray has released several critically acclaimed albums, including “The Id,” “Big,” and “Ruby,” showcasing her versatility across genres like R&B, soul, and jazz. Her contributions to music have earned her a Grammy Award, multiple Grammy nominations, and a dedicated global fanbase. 

Big Freedia, an ambassador of New Orleans Bounce music, is a nationally recognized hip-hop artist, TV personality, and cultural influencer. She gained widespread attention with her feature on Beyoncé’s Grammy-winning single, “Break My Soul,” released in 2022. Known as the Queen of New Orleans Bounce, Big Freedia has released three critically acclaimed EPs: ‘3rd Ward Bounce’ (2018), ‘Louder’ (2020), and ‘Big Diva Energy’ (2021). 

Listen to “I AM” below: 

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