Ne-Yo Confirms Australian / New Zealand Concert Tour



Ne-Yo has officially confirmed a five city Australia and New Zealand concert tour, starting in Sydney this fall. The live concert tour, set to kick off November 7, follows Ne-Yo’s stint in Prague while filming ‘Red Tails’. According to organizers the five city trek will wind through Perth and Brisbane before coming to a close November 16 in Auckland, New Zealand. (see itinerary below)

Tickets for the “Year of the Gentleman” singer’s tour are slated to go on sale June 22 through Ticketek.

“Year of the Gentleman Australia and New Zealand Tour”
(*dates,venues subject to change)

November 7 – Sydney
November 9 – Rod Laver Melbourne
November 10 – Acer Arena Sydney
November 11 – Burswood Perth
November 13 – Brisbane Entertainment Centre
November 16 – Vector Arena Auckland, New Zealand

via Singersroom

  1. tama 11 years ago

    whos going on tour with neyo???

  2. Jess 11 years ago


  3. mia 11 years ago

    does Ne-to need a wifey? im available babe :)

  4. mia 11 years ago

    does Ne-Yo need a wifey? im available babe :)

  5. Rachael 11 years ago

    WOW!!! yes my mans coming to OZ!!! lolz…
    when do tickets go on SALE!!!!

  6. Yasmine 11 years ago

    Has the tour been cancelled? It has disappeared off the ticketek website and tickets are meant to go on sale tomorrow

  7. Melanie 11 years ago

    it’s not showing on ticketek?!?! what’s going on??

  8. Serena 11 years ago

    no idea…. they removed it off the website. Maybe it got canned….

  9. Dani 11 years ago

    i went to tickettek to buy tickets and dere like dey havnt heard of it and it wasnt on da system :S

  10. Marie 11 years ago

    Plzz dont say Neyo cancelled his concert??? i am to excited to miss out now!!!

  11. Jacqui 11 years ago

    Does anyone know what is going on with this???? Cannot find any updated info to advise whats going on….

  12. heather 11 years ago

    he is still doing hes cocert they had to pull the sale of the tickets off the website because they didnt get the all clear to sell them from the licensee…. but ticketek said there will be a concert! woohoo

  13. Sarah 11 years ago

    Does anyone know what date the tickets go on sale?

  14. Kimba 11 years ago

    Omg when are they going on sale?? Anybody got any idea how much they’ll be?? I was wondering what the heck was going on!! Lol

  15. kiara 11 years ago

    its not on ticketek?

    whats going on

  16. Luigi 11 years ago

    Is it true that he’s not performing in Melbourne anymore??????????

  17. Gracie 11 years ago

    Ticketek said that he will be coming but they have no idea when tickets will be on sale or how much they will be. They said to just keep looking on the website

  18. Rosie 11 years ago

    when do the tickets go on sale in New Zealand because i looked on the website and is concert is not registered on there ??

  19. bonni 11 years ago

    omg cant find ne yo tickets for sale anywhere wtf

  20. Claudine 11 years ago

    Still cannot locate tickets and its now late July?

  21. jade 11 years ago

    i have been searching for tickets since june its now late july cant find anything about them any where?!?!?!. i was sposed to buy my friend ticket for her 21 st….tha 21st was last night….no ticket whats going on if i cant find them ill spend it on black eyed peas..

  22. Alexandra 11 years ago

    When do the tickets come on sale, i am from Adelaide & he isn’t coming here so i will go to the Melbourne show, i do not want to book flights yet if i cannot get tickets. HELP!

  23. Nick 11 years ago

    Man i thought they went on sale already and i have been lookin on ebay and ticketek to buy them. If anyone finds when they are going on sale let us know pleaseeeee :D

  24. esra 11 years ago

    yay his coming
    when are they on sale

  25. Natalee 11 years ago

    im dyingggggggg do we hav anymore info?

  26. chanel 11 years ago

    this is soo wrong i just rang brisbane entertainment centre and they said hes not coming here.. wtf

  27. jess 11 years ago

    does anyone no if his still actually coming.
    its driving me crazyyy

  28. Annie 11 years ago

    Apparantly they were due to go on sale in NZ back in Jun but I rang Ticketek every other day for weeks & got told the same thing, there was some unresolved issues with Ne-Yo & tour organisers so they postponed ticket sales but with no clue to a future sale date… I’m guessing it aint happening! GUTTED!

  29. Kine 11 years ago

    I rang through every day and they always said that they will release information at a later date. About 3 months later, nothings been released.

    I heard somewhere that Ne-Yo’s tour organisers booked the concerts without asking him and he was unaware of the concerts so he had to cancel last minute.

  30. Jess 11 years ago

    Does anyone actually know if hes coming or not?

  31. Sasha 11 years ago

    NOOOOOO!! i was so looking forward to him coming out!! i am so devestated!!!

  32. LEE 11 years ago

    my m8 got tickets already wat r u all on about

  33. Kettle 11 years ago

    OMG i am going to cry! I have been waiting for him to come to oz since his first album came out!! =(

    Maybe he’ll come at a later date…it still says he’s coming on his myspace page and it has a link to buy tickets but then it takes you to ticketek and it has nothing!

    I <3 you Ne-yo!

  34. Jokerzgal 11 years ago

    Ticketek is now sayn that Ne-yo will b touring but no exact dates…I hav registered when to find out when the info will b released :)

  35. Anonymous 11 years ago

    i heard that he was denied access into australia because of a crimina; past, just like snoop dog.

  36. Ty 11 years ago

    I cant wait, still a long way to gp from now on
    but November 16 – Vector Arena Auckland, New Zealand is already in my Agenda.

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