Janelle Monae Interview w/ PinBoard


Is Janelle Monae the saviour of mainstream Black music- let alone one of the most unique, original and fearless artists of our generation? Will we be talking about her with reverence in 20 years time? Is this the year she makes her mark on Planet Earth? If you haven’t heard her debut LP yet, it’s a vision bordering on modern classic. If you haven’t seen her live, then little can prepare you. We sat down with the fiercely intelligently woman many believe to be a once-in-a-lifetime flesh, blood & spirit embodiment of performance artistry, to discuss such matters as: Why she’s still a child, Her live performances, Her alter-ego Cindy Mayweather, Androids!, The process & intentions behind her debut LP ‘The Archandroid’, The deeper meaning behind her trademark outfit, Erykah Badu, And a great deal more as we gain insight into this enigmatic woman. Also featuring live footage shot by us at her Cargo gig last November-perhaps one of the most unforgettable musical nights we’ve ever had.

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