Ne-Yo Promises Big AMA Performance


R&B singer/songwriter, Ne-Yo is set to perform at the American Music Awards tomorrow and he promises big things. The 31 year old Grammy Award winner is spilling some secrets about his upcoming performance hinting that this will be something you’ve never seen from him. “The performance for the AMA’s is gonna be a bit more theatrical…

than just getting onstage and singing a song and having some dancers back you up,” he said. Some critics are skeptical, wondering if the singer will be able to meet his own hype. His new album Libra Scale has currently yielded 3 singles, he will be incorporating these songs in his show, “There’s a storyline that flows through the entire album,” he said. “So we’re basically trying to take the story of Libra Scale and summarize it into about four minutes and put it on stage for you.” We’re looking forward to what Ne-Yo will bring this Sunday, are you?

Words by: Vin Navarre (@vinthewriter)

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