Shot in Red Bull’s recording studio, these are intimate sessions with some of the most exciting artists and bands we champion.

As one of the exemplars of modern Soul and R&B, ask anyone and they’ll tell you Raphael Saadiq is amongst those most renowned and respected. A figurehead with credentials stretching as far back as we at PinBoard remember in our bibs; whether handed down Toni Tony Tone cassettes, bumping Ummah (Saadiq, Tip & Jay Dee) produced joints, incessantly reloading Lucy Pearl and Instant Vintage during teens, relinquishing virginity to the iconic co-written/produced ‘Untitled’ record for D’Angelo, or most recently as grown-up music professionals over the last three years lending exposure to this gentleman’s revivalist phase . You could say, we’ve always had a special relationship with Ray Ray.

Ray-Ray most definitely takes the title of the most underrated producer/songwriter/artist in my list of all time favs. Don’t get it misunderstood this is no rink-key-dinky list, comprising with the likes of Babyface, Smokey and R.Kelly to name a few.

That’s just my thoughts; but who am I?

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