Check out the video premiere of up and coming young singer, Kayla Brianna’s debut single “If You Love Me.” Kayla, the daughter of basketball legend and NBA commentator Kenny Smith, hopes that her music will speak to young girls around the world who are transitioning to adulthood. “It’s about growing up, succeeding, experiencing heartbreak and self-identity simultaneously,” says Kayla. “When you add those messages to undeniable tracks, it becomes a message that you can move to!”

What do you think?

  1. Soul 12 years ago

    She ripped Brownstone’s “If You Love Me” for the chorus just fyi

  2. ThisisRnB 12 years ago

    Yes she did, great record to remake for the new kids, what do you think of it though?

  3. Victor 12 years ago

    I like the beat and the brownstone sample. I love 90s r&b. She has a decent video, decent song and then a great look which i’m sure will make teenage boys swoon. As for that voice…. I just don’t know. I hope r&b will continue to have a stronger return (see monica and brandy upcoming albums).

  4. Lil Luther- Eric 12 years ago

    she acts like shes been practicing in the mirror, she makes the faces as if she is imitating the lyrics, as opposed to performing them.

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