When it came time for Ne-Yo to help brand his rum-tequila blend Malibu Red with a signature song, the drink’s newly appointed creative director says, “I was wracking my brain trying to figure out the song.”

The singer, who hosted a special New York City launch party for the drink this past week, tells ABC News Radio that after a bit of searching — the idea finally hit him. “I’m a songwriter, if I can’t find a song, how bout I just make the damn song,” he recalls thinking, “which is exactly what I did.”

The track Ne-Yo came up with is called “Burnin’ Up,” and in his words, “It’s basically talking about how you take the smooth of the rum and the fire of the tequila and bring ’em together to just create a whole ‘nother sexy thing.”

Of course, with lyrics like “I want that fire in your eyes” — the tune is far from any old commercial jingle. In fact, while guests sipped on Malibu Red cocktails at Ne-Yo’s Liberty Theatre soiree in NYC, he hit the stage for a performance of his hits “Closer,” “One in a Million,” “Give Me Everything,” and the brand new song “Burnin’ Up.”

Ne-Yo tells ABC News Radio that he and director Chris Robinson shot a music video for the special Malibu Red track. “Putting the finishing edits on that as we speak,” Ne-Yo says, promising that the visual should be out soon.

The video was shot in Miami, but don’t expect a ton of beach-y footage, or other rum cliches. “We wanted to express that…though this is a Malibu product, it’s not Malibu Rum,” Ne-Yo says. “This is the sexier side of what Malibu does, if I do say so myself.”

Watch the performance footage below…

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