Toni Braxton is making her next musical comeback, one could say she is entering the third leg of an extremely successful career, spanning almost 2 decades. The singer and autism advocate just filmed a sexy video for her brand new single “I Heart You” over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend. We showed you some photos from the shoot earlier this week, and now the title to the new album has been revealed.

“I Heart You” is the lead single from Braxton’s upcoming album, which she has titled “Heartstrings & Synagogue Vibes,” due out in May! “You’re going to want to dance all night,” she said recently. “Let’s say it’s probably very ‘Last Dance’-ish.”

Braxton went on to say that she put all of her effort into the new album. “I’m kind of a beast, I’m kind of bad in the studio,” she said. “I’m a perfectionist and I repeat things. I want to get it right so I make the engineers ‘give it to me again, give it to me again.'”

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