Kevin McCall: “Chris Brown Basically Gave Me My Career”


Kevin McCall dropped in on Q Deezy and Hot 107.9 to talk about his relationship with Chris Brown. McCall never wanted to part ways with the smash hit “Deuces,” which he wrote. McCall also talked about his unique sound and where he sees himself in 5 years.

Check out the interview now below…

  1. CBE Lover 9 years ago

    Yeah, I’m so proud of Chris Brown and his protege Kevin McCall. I see great things ahead for CBEnt. S/O to Se7en!

    WTF is this DJ and WTF is he talking about? Chris Brown is and always will be the man. This fool must be on dope! Listen fake a$$ DJ do your job and let the fans decide who the stars will be. He brought back Chris career, WFF 0_O?

  2. yeaitsme 9 years ago

    CBE Lover…I totally agree with you that DJ throwing shade already…He trying to divide and conquer CBE already.

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