Chris Brown Reveals Next Single – “Don’t Judge Me”


Chris Brown‘s record label RCA have revealed the next single off his latest album Fortune. The fifth official single off the set will be “Don’t Judge Me,” produced by The Messengers, and co-written by Nasri.

The cut received some extra attention prior to the albums release, when it was rumored to be the reason for a potential beef between rapper Meek Mill and Breezy, as Meek was originally slated to be featured on the song, however seemed to be removed when the final tracklisting was announced.

If you haven’t heard the song yet, listen here. What do you think of the new single choice??

  1. Merril Owns 12 years ago

    Song sucks

    Merril Owns – Creep

  2. Crystal 12 years ago

    you suck Merril Owns, this song is AMAZING!!

  3. AXEL 12 years ago

    4 years old should have been the next single.

  4. angelica 12 years ago

    i love that song!

  5. breanna 12 years ago

    hey chris brown

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