Wynter Gordon Covers Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” for Billboard Live Session


Wynter Gordon is the latest artist to visit Billboard for their ‘Candid Covers’ live performance series. The NY bred singer-songwriter chose to cover Natalie Imbruglia’s famous song “Torn.”

“I chose to cover Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” because it came out in ’97, and I had to be in the 6th grade, and it was time for graduation onto junior high. That was just one of the big songs of the moment between me and my friends, it was between Alanis, Fiona and Natalie Imbruglia,” said Wynter. “It was one of those songs that defined my youth. Just feeling really anxty and teenagey, and just coming into our own. I can not think back, and think about going to camp on the bus, or just hanging out with friends, and not think of “Torn.”

After the jump watch Wynter perform her heartfelt song “Kids,” and her interview Q&A where she talks about her transition from dance music to her new project “The Human Condition.” She admits that she felt like she has more to give and can not do that with just dance music. Wynter also discussed her directorial debut with the “Stimela” music video.

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