Jordin Sparks Talks About “Sparkle” & Whitney Houston


Jordin Sparks calls the experience of her acting debut in the new film Sparkle, the most amazing blessing since winning ‘American Idol.’ In a candid interview with Billboard the young star speaks about her role and working with Whitney Houston.

“It’s heavy, but at the same time its a celebration of her, because it was her baby, and she was so proud of it” explained Sparks. “Just to be able to watch her, she had this wisdom behind her eyes and this sense of knowing,” she continued describing the late legend. “The fact that she was fighting demons, and the fact that she had fought demons, and the fact that she was this amazing, supernova diva, and THE voice, yet she would walk in the room and you would feel like she was your best friend.”

“Sparkle,” a remake of the 1976 musical drama of the same name, hits theaters tomorrow, August 17.

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