Ryan Leslie Reveals “Les Is More” Album Cover & Tracklisting


Ryan Leslie clearly took the title of his new album to heart when planning the cover art. The multi-talented artist has now revealed the official, simplistic, but unique image for “Les Is More.” A black on black concept featuring a piece of fabric embroidered with name and title. The work was done exclusively for the cover by The Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace.

The rap album, Ryan’s 3rd major release and 4th total LP, is scheduled to hit stores on October 23 via his Next Selection Lifestyle Group / Sony RED. It is also taking a further step forward as a visual album, which will include 7 music videos and 3 live performances.

Check out the tracklisting below…

Les Is More Tracklisting:

01. Glory
02. Beautiful Lie
03. Good Girl
04. 5 Minute Freshen Up
05. Dress You to Undress You
06. Maybachs & Diamonds
07. Swiss Francs
08. Ups & Downs (Prelude)
09. Ups & Downs
10. Ready or Not
11. Lovers & Mountains
12. The Black Flag
13. Joan of Arc
14. Beautiful Lie (Remix) feat. Fabolous

+ 7 Music Videos + 3 Live Performance Videos

  1. mike 10 years ago

    I can’t wait until this album comes out.

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