Chris Brown Talks About This Journey on MTV’s “How I Made It”


Chris Brown shares the journey of his career on MTV’s “How I Made It.” The Pop R&B star opens up about performing in his church for the first time to performing in front of millions at the 2007 VMAs. He recounts winning his first Grammy and making his mother proud.

Plus, Brown addresses the obstacles he has faced along the way and how he overcame them. “My legacy can hopefully show that once you’re down, that don’t just mean you’re down forever,” said Breezy.

Watch the full clip below…

  1. Ghist 9 years ago

    Really? So does that mean I can throw bottles in clubs, break windows, cuss out folks on Twitter and a act a fool in public because I am down? Folks can forgive the beating of a woman. It’s all the other immature behavior that is a turn off.

  2. xray 9 years ago

    chris brown you suck ….

  3. Imma 9 years ago

    I appreciate the fact that he’s trying to be better, but it’s only for him.
    Chris you can’t try to change people’s thinking at all, you will never succed!
    Just live your life, so you will be loved for what you’ll do but always blamedf or what you did…
    Every step is part of your life, and you could never delete the worst!

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