Angie Stone and Sunshine Anderson To Join ‘R&B Divas’ Cast


TV One’s ‘R&B Divas’ recently ended their successful first season, and are now readying the next season with new additions to the cast. It has already been reported that Nicci Gilbert was axed from the show. Allegedly, Faith Evans has been asked not to return to the show either. As producers rearrange their cast it appears that Angie Stone and Sunshine Anderson will be the replacements…

Angie Stone recently released her new album ‘Rich Girl‘ but Sunshine Anderson hasn’t rang a bell since her hit single “Heard It All Before.” The original cast members Syleena Johnson, Keke Wyatt, and Monifa are all expected to return.

This will definitely be interesting to see how all these ladies gel together. Stay tuned…

  1. angelichumbird 12 years ago

    well, I will NOT be watching it. I like Faith Evans, which is the main reason I tuned in. Aside from Keke Wyatt. smh

  2. I Like To Hate!! 12 years ago

    Faith Evans added exactly NOTHING to the show. She didn’t speak about her drug problems, her junkie manager/husband or her bad boy past. Without that, her ass is boring to watch on t.v. It was easy to see why they would axe her corny ass. Same goes for Nicci. She acted as if people REALLY remembered who the f*ck she was. Get a hit or sit she sandwich eatin, diabetes have, pear shaped fat girl clothes makin ass down in the corner somewhere…

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