Melanie Fiona Attends ’42’ Film Event, Honoring Jackie Robinson



Melanie Fiona was country chic Monday night, as she attended a special event for the upcoming film ’42,’ honoring Jackie Robinson. The Canadian songstress mixed and mashed her look with a vintage country style hat, buttoned up black shirt, stone washed jeans and some unique gold jewelery.

The event, which was held at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, kicked off promo for the upcoming movie about the legendary baseball player, and breaking the color barrier in the sport. Mel is currently working on her third album, which she described earlier this year as very organic, “I think the approach this time is a very organic place,” explained Mel. “I feel like I want to write all my songs on piano and guitar, and build it into whatever it’s gonna be. I’m much more in a singer-songwriter place right now.”

Peep more photos below:




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