Dawn Richard Announces New Single “Judith”



Dawn Richard is putting her armor back on as she prepares for her sophomore album Blackheart. The singer has announced her new single will be “Judith,” which was selected by her fans in an online contest.

Dawn has teamed with producer Cronos for the track, which was inspired by the Gustav Klimt painting “Judith.”

“It’s the story of a painting that is priceless and quite iconic being forgotten after being hung in a home too long,” said Dawn. “People tend to forget the worth of things after they’ve had them for a long time. ’Judith’ simply reminds her spectators of her worth.”

Dawn continues her warrior theme evolution with the artwork. The black-and-white photo against the custom gold mask by Adolfo Sanchez shows how a once soft and naive warrior has start to come into her own.

“Judith” is set to hit digital retailers on August 19.


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