New Music: After Hours – Broken Highways


After Hours follows up “Fast Life” with “Broken Highways,” the newest single from recording artist Bill Jabr aka After Hours.

“Broken Highways” is a dynamic musical composition with edgy vocals against ambient reverse electric pianos, and hard hitting drums. The song was inspired by a cross country road trip that Jabr took earlier this year and shows a different side After Hour’s vocally while maintaining the vibe of nostalgic ’80s alternative R&B.

After Hours will continue to release original music on the website leading up to an early 2014 album release.

  1. AnnaMagolan 8 years ago

    billjabr SO pumped to listen to it!!!!!!!!!

  2. billjabr 8 years ago

    AnnaMagolan Thanks!!

  3. blairDow 8 years ago

    billjabr nice! Is that a Four Page Letter sample I hear?

  4. billjabr 8 years ago

    blairDow hah! not a sample but drums are definitely influenced

  5. billjabr 8 years ago

    blairDow good ear! i didn’t even make that connection myself

  6. coleisenbarger 8 years ago

    billjabr dope! i think you’ve found something

  7. blairDow 8 years ago

    billjabr guess the sample is my favorite game! Haha. Digging the song a lot a lot.

  8. billjabr 8 years ago

    blairDow Hah I see! Thanks so much!

  9. billjabr 8 years ago

    coleisenbarger Thanks man! the studio is definitely helping out a lot sonically these days too. Thanks for checking it out

  10. billjabr 8 years ago

    _ThatAmazinKidd thanks!

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