Boyz II Men Talk New ‘Eclectic’ Album on Grammy Red Carpet


Boyz II Men members Shawn Stockman and Nathan Morris stopped by for a quick chat with the Billboard folks while on the red carpet of the 56th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday. The R&B legends are busy with their residency in Las Vegas, but fans can start to get excited because they have a new album in the works!

“The album is coming, it will be out this year,” shared Shawn. “[It’s] very eclectic, very different, unlike what people have heard from us in the past.

The project will feature all new original songs, with a wider range of sound and styles. “[It’s all] brand new material, a lot of styles mixed up. I think a lot of people will be pleasantly surprise by our approach.”

Interesting! Stay tune for more news in the near future… Are you excited for a new Boys II Men album??

  1. kirstielou123 9 years ago

    steverob6333 eeeek OMG! I hope this means there’s going to be a tour #boyzllmen

  2. steverob6333 9 years ago

    kirstielou123 that would be amazing! And you promised to come with me ☺️ #boyzllmen

  3. kirstielou123 9 years ago

    steverob6333 and I shall my fellow boyz ll men homie

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