Soulfinger Productions Launch Campaign to Release Unique LP Honoring Era of Classic Soul



If you ever reminisce about the days of rushing to the record store on the day an album was released because you couldn’t wait to hear it and get your hands on the actual CD, cassette or vinyl, than this special project should interest you!

A New York based production team named Soulfinger has been working on a very special album to help bring back the romantic feeling of those physical music products, and in a extremely unique, luxurious and limited edition collectors item.

The project is called ‘Life, Love & Passion,’ and is described as a ‘heartfelt artistic statement paying tribute to the great songwriters of the classic “Motown” era.’ The idea behind the album was to highlight and re-record B-sides of lesser known soul music gems from the late ’60s to mid ’70s, performed and recorded by a variety of amazing soul artists of today. The list of artists include; Leela James, Teedra Moses, Jaguar Wright, Syleena Johnson, Kathy Sledge, Martin Luther, and many more.

To produce and release this amazing project, Soulfinger has started a campaign on Kickstarter to help raise the necessary funds to create the luxury packaging for this super-limited, hand-numbered collector’s item, which will not be released in stores or on any digital platforms. Every unit will be uniquely identified by a serial number.

Follow the jump to see their video with more info on the project and campaign, along with clips of the artists recording process…



CLICK HERE to check out more details on the album, fundraising campaign, recording clips and song snippets on Kickstarter!

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