Brandy Announces New Album on ‘Arsenio’



Brandy‘s last album ‘Two Eleven‘ did not receive the promotion it deserved, but the singer/actress is getting right back to the music for her adorning fans. Taking to the Arsenio Hall Show on Friday night, B Rocka announced that she is indeed about to start working on her next album, and now is the perfect time for her to return to music.

While she hinted that she wants to get very personal on this record and tell a new story, Brandy also wants to really sang! Belting out a quick note for the audience, Arsenio told her he actually wants to hear her rap again! But, Brandy quickly shut that down, telling him straight up, “No!”

“Arsenio, you are goin to have to let that go, rap is never going to be in my future,” she said.

Brandy was on the show as a tribute to Mother’s Day, as she was joined by her mom Sonja Norwood, who talked about Brandy as a child, and why they don’t want Brandy’s daughter to be in showbiz.

Check out the clips below:

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