K. Michelle Gets A Surprise Studio Visit From Anita Baker


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K. Michelle is currently in the studio working on her sophomore album and she got a surprise studio visit from the legendary Anita Baker.

She shared her special moment via Instagram, “Last night was life changing for me as an artist. The legend @iamanitabaker came to check on me in the studio and hear my new music. She reminded me what music was all about. I pray that I grow as an artist and become as wise and humble as u are! Thank u for extending ur hand to me. I will FOREVER remember this. God sends u the right people at the right time. I needed to hear the words u spoke!”

Thus far K. Michelle has been in the studio with Ne-Yo, Stacy Barthe, Sevyn, Eric Hudson, and Pop & Oak for her new album.

Check out some studio footage after the jump!

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