Pharrell Williams Covers Notion Magazine



Hats off to Pharrell Williams. The hitmaker graces the cover of Notion magazine’s latest issue, hatless!

Looking well polished, Skateboard P reflects on his massive success, female empowerment, new album G I R L and more in the publications cover story.

Check out a few of his quotes below…

On describing the genre of his music:

“Really there’s no formula, there’s just feeling.”

On understanding the growth of downloading:

“The kids download music because possession is not the new idea of wealth.”

On producing his own music:

“I used to always over think it because I’m trying to produce myself. I’m having to draw from myself, which is so weird, so I’d always overshoot.”

On his new album G I R L:

“What’s made me feel comfortable about making an album is because it’s not about me. It’s about girl. I feel comfortable singing it and making it and performing it.”

On female empowerment:

“There’s not enough gravitas placed on the role of women in society.”

On measuring the success of a song:

“It’s the way it feels to me and I stay loyal to that. I’m happy that the people can see that I’m staying loyal to that because they don’t have to support me, but they do.”


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