Video: Mary J. Blige – ‘Suitcase’



In honor of the release of both the Think Like A Man Too film and soundtrack this week, Mary J. Blige has unwrapped the visual to accompany “Suitcase“.

Being the first single released from the all Mary soundtrack, “Suitcase” – unlike “A Night To Remember” – shows the Queen taking us back to her “Not Gon’ Cry” days. Serving as an extremely emotional clip, Mary continues to show us just why she holds the title that she does.

Check out the superb acting skills by MJB below!

  1. mreagan88 7 years ago

    Mary you look crazy af and yall dead wrong for that ugly ass picture up top ROTFL.

  2. jj 7 years ago

    What’s wrong with the picture it’s from the video stupid, she is in an insane asylum, she suppose to look crazy dumbass!! The internet is a forum where stupid people can foolishly show their colors. lol.

  3. John 7 years ago


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