Listen: Deborah Cox Sings “I Will Always Love You” for Whitney Houston Movie



After the announcement that actress YaYa DaCosta had been cast to portray Whitney Houston in the upcoming Lifetime biopic movie of the iconic vocalist, there were rumors that singer Deborah Cox would actually be singing the songs for the film.

While many fans are still not interested in the film being made at all they could not even be mad at this choice, since Deborah has always been known for her big voice, and the two collaborated back in 2000 for the duet “Same Script, Different Cast.” But, now we can hear a snippet of what she might sound like on-screen.

TMZ has leaked what they are calling an audio preview of Cox covering Whitney’s mega hit “I Will Always Love You,” for a live performance scene. A statement from Lifetime stated that the “music rights and clearances are still being worked out,” but if this film is really going to be made at this time, we certainly have no problem with Cox handing the vocals after hearing this.

The film simply titled Whitney Houston, directed by Angela Bassett, just began shooting and is set to premiere in early 2015.

Check out the audio clip below…What do you think??

  1. mon88 9 years ago

    We know Deb can sing but to make a Whitney movie without Whitney’s voice is stupid and cheap.

  2. TJ Brister 9 years ago


  3. James 9 years ago

    they don’t have the rights to Whitney voice, since Whitney never wrote any of her songs they got the rights to that. so Deborah Cox singing the songs. its not about the music, mainly about her life.

  4. mon88 9 years ago

    She was a singer so music was her life it they couldn’t get the rights to her music they shouldn’t have made it plain and simple how are you gonna make a biopic that doesn’t have the vocals of the person the movie is about?

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