Video: Syleena Johnson – ‘Perfectly Worthless’



Apparently we missed this at the end of last month, but ‘R&B Divas’ star Syleena Johnson has released an emotional and powerful music video for new song “Perfectly Worthless,” the first visual from her upcoming album Chapter 6: Couples Therapy.

In the video Syleena and her man attend a therapy session, but he has been secretly seeking “therapy” of his own with the counselor, and Syleena take the news extra hard as there is a dark and heavy twist at the end.

A disclaimer reads “viewers should know that this video was made with extreme thought and care in the subject matter and we urge that viewer discretion is advised,” as the story tackles the issue of suicide.

“It’s about the love of your life, the one you took vows with [that is] seeking to destroy your mind and spirit,” she told Billboard. “Because of that mental pain, we had to do something that made the video dark.”

The Tangie B. Moore-directed video kicks off a collection of ‘Chapter 6‘ visuals from the singer, which are more like short films; and will connect the dots with each single featured on the album, which is slated to hit stores on October 7.

Check it out below:


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  1. CodeVice 7 years ago

    wow that was heavy, great song amazing video

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