Watch: Neoholics Perform Cover of Pharrell Williams “Happy”



Yesterday, we posted a revealing new interview with rising R&B singer Sebastian Mikael where he talks about society in Sweden, including the racism he faced growing up, and how that affects the music scene. It really peaked our interest into the country as a whole, and how it remains today.  Then in a ironic coincidence while going through email submissions this morning we came across a video sent in by a newly formed all white “neo-soul” band from Sweden called the Neoholics.

We often receive submissions from bands doing cover videos of new or old songs, but this one specifically peaked our interest after still having that interview fresh in our minds. In the performance video the band covers Pharrell Williams “Happy,” which became a global phenomenon this year so that’s not surprising, but their rendition actually breaths some new life into the song. Making it their own, the group puts a great jazzy and funky spin on the hit record, and it’s well worth the watch.

Check it out below:

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