Chrisette Michele Pens Open Letter To Fans: “I Don’t See Myself Doing Reality Again”


Chrisette Michelle Lyricists Opus

Many fans of Christette Michele were puzzled when it was announced that the singer would be joining the cast of TV One’s “R&B Divas: Los Angeles,” for their second season. Although reality TV has proven useful and productive for some, it has also brought unneeded negativity to others. Whatever her reasons were for agreeing to be on the show in the first place are in the past now, and she is finally speaking out on the situation to her followers.

While teasing her new single on Instagram, Chrisette shared an open letter to her fans about her choice of joining the show and decision to stay away from similar platforms in the future. She says being on a reality TV show has brought some negativity to her life which she deems as “tragic” and refuses to let the negativity transfer to her music. “I don’t see myself doing reality again,” she says.

Read Chrisette Michele’s full open letter below:

Hey can I write you a letter? Dear fans, Maybe you were right about me not doing a reality show. I have had so much fun staying beneath the radar. I’ve traveled to more countries then I can pronounce and made friends of fans and celebs alike, collabed with my favorite artists (you know I’m a nerdy hip hop head). Truth is, I wasn’t raised on R&B. I just happen to sound okay singing it. I’ve never thought that wearing angel wings and trying to be open about feelings would make people send me evil tweets and receive awful phone calls. A Diva. Maybe that’s not the right term for artists now a days the way it was when Whitney was here. Maybe it’s meaning has changed. I’m truly just here to say hello. On your TV screens to show you who I am outside of this music/Hollywood stuff. Maybe reality was a mistake. Maybe I should stay in my comfortable cave where I’m only loved. Half a million twitter followers, 200k insta Rich Hipster’s and 2.1 million Facebook likes have come from the music alone. From backstage hugs and kisses. From marriage proposals on my open hearted stage. From my quirky ever changing style. From hellos on the streets. From meet & greets. The moments un-telivised. Some people aren’t meant to share their personality. Maybe I’m one of those people. One of those who are protected by the Art. Art is love and it covers. It shields. I don’t see myself doing reality again. I’ll hang out with my pet unicorn in Artist-ville. This negativity is tragic and I can’t transfer these vibes to my Art. I love you. I won’t speak negativity against any one on the show in any further interviews. I won’t speak the name of people who quell my light. I can’t participate in brokenness. Healing is my ambition. Light is my nourishment. Be well. The Rich Hipster Captain #chrisette #ChrisetteMichele #Art #RichHipster #randbdivasLA #rbdivasla #rbdivas #iamstillhere #itsByTheGraceOfGod

Additionally, with the photo above she wrote: “Top secret video shoot in a top secret location for a top secret single coming out soon. I am having so much fun putting the final touches on The Lyricists Opus. Photo cred: @emackeycreates.”

‘R&B Divas: L.A.’ currently airs Wednesday nights at 10pm/9c on TV One.

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