Watch: Elijah Blake – ‘6’ / ‘Fallen’ (Video)


Elijah-Blake-6 Fallen

Rising artist Elijah Blake reminisces about his youth and upbringing in the brand new duel song with accompanying video “6” / “Fallen.”

Delivering a heartfelt, reflective performance the singer/songwriter shares stories of his past as he relates to himself at 6 years old. “So as a growing young man, I act like a 6 year old / I act like a little ass boy, and I’m protective of all my toys / Cuz their the only things that never judge me,” he softly sings over a simple piano track.

“All your mannerisms are developed when you’re 6-years old, such as who you are or if you’re a glass half full or glass half empty type of person,” Elijah told Billboard about the song. “I looked back to what I went through when I was a 6-year old. I went through religion being shoved down my throat and my biological dad being the Island guy who was really strict and pulled out the belt for everything. It affects me till this day, like how I am in relationships. I still have a hard time trusting people.”

As the record fades and “Fallen” picks up the tempo with strings and drums, Blake asks “who’s going to catch the fallen?”

The Florida native and L.A. resident is currently working on his anticipated new EP, ‘Drift,’ which follows 2012’s ‘Bijoux 22.’ “I want people to play it and find themselves in my world, and see how our worlds are connected,” he says.

Check out his latest song and new video below:

  1. AK 8 years ago

    written & produced by B.Slade

  2. anon 8 years ago

    and originally sang #BETTER by B.Slade

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