Throwback Tuesday: No Question – ‘I Don’t Care’


You know I don’t forget anything R&B so let’s see if you remember the group, No Question!

The Philly quartet featured Damon Core, Dante Massey, Tommy Blackwell, and Nicholas Johnson performing a spread of vocal styles, from Al Green to a raw, soulful extension of Boyz II Men. Ahhhh once again, do you remember when all or most R&B groups possessed that raw and gritty soul. Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff brought them to the forefront with a self-titled debut album on Philadelphia International Records, which spawned the hit “I Don’t Care” and a remake of “You Make Me Feel Brand New.”

Though solid, the album’s sales fell short of forecasts, and the group switched labels, teaming with Chris Schwartz to become Ruff/Nation Records’ first R&B group. No Question had an abundance of talent, potential, and promise but like a few others fell short of continued success and presence. Enjoy the throwback above. Does this not take you back to the old BET?!

Another single from their debut album “If You Really Wanna Go” was solid as well. Take a listen below:

  1. mon88 10 years ago

    This group was good i used to jam this album all the time.

  2. Big Sis 10 years ago

    How come no one is posting that Damon Core of no question passed away on November 23,2014.He was an Angel and he will be truly missed

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