Musiq Soulchild Explains Rap Alter-Ego ‘The Husel’ on The Breakfast Club



Musiq Soulchild, aka The Husel, is finally speaking out on a large platform about his surprising new music, which is far from what his fans loved him for, and more of what he considers a modern hip-hop vibe.

Automatically receiving harsh feedback from Charlamagne, the singer/rapper got right into the issues he has with anyone who hasn’t heard the music, but has a negative opinion about it. Standing his ground that this is not a gimmick Musiq explained and expressed his various reasons for trying something new with his artistry.

“This is just the beginning, like people put out albums, I’m putting out personalities,” he revealed. “Why is it okay for people to have a diverse playlist, but it’s not okay for an artist to make diverse music…This is totally in my heart and in my soul.”

He also revealed that living in Atlanta heavily influenced his creativity and his desire to try rapping, while again strongly stating that this is all from a creative space.

“I’m not doing this as a publicity stunt, I’m not doing this as a gimmick, I’m not even doing this to get your attention, I’m doing this because this is what I wanted to do at a point in time. I’m not going through no artistic midlife crisis, I’m not selling out, I’m not part of the Illuminati, I’m not selling my soul, I’m just being creative and having fun with music.”

He also confirmed that he is not stopping Musiq Souldchild, and he is actually currently working on a new album for that side of himself as well. But, he didn’t say when that album might be coming out, because he has more “personalities” that he wants to explore.

Watch the full interview below, and let us know your thoughts!

  1. cphill 8 years ago

    In this write up the writer mentioned he was influenced by Atlanta to try rapping. But in the interview he clearly states 1000 times that he’s not rapping. Wow people really hear what they want. Lol that’s funny… it teaches me to listen when people talk. Angela Yee even says in this interview that she listened and stated “It’s not rap”

  2. Fred 8 years ago

    I can really relate to what he’s saying, but it’s like he’s in the middle of it all, trying to explore himself and the music, and can’t get the words out clearly. But again, as he says in a way, practice makes perfect, so i think people need to give it some time before judging and let him his thing.

  3. Monique Gray 7 years ago

    This reminds me of Prince back in 85′ when he did that movie Purple Rain with the soundtrack of same name. His sound on that album was much more rock with a funk base. Then he went and did a complete change with that whole Around The World In A Day album releasing Raspberry Beret. Some people liked it and some people were initially just not feeling it. I enjoyed the various different styles but of admit I preferred the more funkier Erotic City Prince. Lol. Prince had many music styles and used other pseudo names to release tracks that were pretty great. For instance The Family’s Screams of Passion was in a class of its own then and even now. I think Musiq should explore the styles he wants without all the criticizm and explaining. Let the music speak for itself. Today, I just picked up Life On Earth from Amazon and they didn’t alert me like I set it up to do but anyways I got it. Think im falling for ‘I Do’ right now so Musiq thank you again – bout time damnit. lol.

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