New Music: Tamar Braxton feat. Future – Let Me Know



Well that was quick!

Earlier this morning we informed you that Tamar Braxton was on her way to releasing a brand new single titled “Let Me Know” featuring Future, and well, it’s now here for your listening pleasure!

Coming a year after her Love and War album, the new single has been heavily anticipated from many fans of the star. Singing out, “We’ve been through so many things / Ups and downs and in betweens,” the R&B star pours out her heart over the mid-tempo love song.

Sampling the 1994 R&B classic “At Your Best (You Are Love)” from the late-great Aaliyah, one cannot deny Tamar’s ability to standout vocally, as well as Future’s ability to add his special touch. This one has big hit potential!

Take a listen to the smooth new cut below!

  1. Simon 7 years ago

    That vocal performance A+ loving the background vocals + the harmonies.. she can sang

  2. vfocused 7 years ago

    No shade but maybe a little. Where is her own creativity, and originality. Song was alright but did I also here a Pattie Labelle melody in there. Thought Future would have put a little more in, but maybe he will do a remix. since this is her song. Seems like I heard more of the background than Tamar. and did she bite Toni’s style a little when she did the holler whooh! also singing in the low octive. I said to myself she tried it didn’t she. So you got Aaliyah, Pattie, a touch of Future, and Toni too almost. I thought this is supposed to be Tamar’s song. Anyway. I did like the beat it just seems like I heard the song before. No shade, being honest. I am trying to support and I did listen twice, to make sure, but……..oh almost for got is that Beyoncé hairdo for the album cover if this is the cover. Hope this is not the cover. That is so Beyonces do. I am waiting to see Tamar be Tamar. For real no shade. Originality is lacking. Sorry.

  3. vfocused 7 years ago

    That’s my point, I heard the background louder than her. I think she sang on background also but sounding like Toni singing low and when she did the holler on the end of the verse whoo! as Toni does a lot I said, that was like her sister. She probably just did it own her own but some habits of Toni’s I guess will rub off cus of all the years background she has sang for Toni. I luv Future so thought he would put a rap in there, that would have been nice but maybe that is to come hope so. Anything to help it.

  4. Dr. Tikki 7 years ago

    PERFECTION! Baby Braxton well done!

  5. Dr. Tikki 7 years ago

    Her voice is original, really could care less about her look even though she is one of a kind and beautiful. Her vocals are flawless (no pun intended) in the background and on the lead she is just a dynamic singer. Shade all day doesn’t matter it won’t cool her off because she is hot!

  6. DaOne Radio 7 years ago

    featuring this on the countdown sunday mornin

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