Jagged Edge Preview New Album ‘J.E. Heartbreak II’ in Atlanta, Reveal Release Date & Tracklisting


Brandon and Brian greet the crowd

Last night, So So Def invaded the Microsoft Store at Perimeter Mall to throw a private listening party for Jagged Edge‘s anticipated new album J.E. Heartbreak II. A number of VIPs, tastemakers and influencers were on hand to preview the sequel to their multi-platinum J.E. Heartbreak album from 2000.

Following a few remarks from executive producer Michael Mauldin, group members Brandon and Brian Casey along with Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter Bryan-Michael Cox took the audience through the entire album track by track.

The evening closed with J.E. showing off their XBOX 360 gaming skills in a round of “UFC Undisputed 3.” Fellow R&B singers Bobby V, Dondria Nicole and Mishon were also in the building to support.

Check out pics from the event, and the album tracklisting below:

J.E. Heartbreak II Tracklist:

01. JE Intro
02. Future
03. Familiar
04. Hope
05. Things I Do for You
06. Love Come Down
07. It’s Been You
08. Romeo
09. Getting Over You
10. Ready
11. Make It Clear
12. No Half Steppin’

J.E. Heartbreak II will hit stores on October 27!

(Photos by Chris Mitchell)

  1. mon88 7 years ago

    Damn why they dressing like they in high school? One thing ppl liked about the original JE Heartbreak was it was grown and sexy they didn’t dress like teenagers they wore suits like gentlemen. Without that element this album will flop.

  2. ReddChief78 7 years ago

    JE always have dressed like this & only do the dress up thing on occasions like a album cover or video. Thinking the way they dress determines if their album is a flop or not is just dumb, all they gotta do is make good music like they do.

  3. mon88 7 years ago

    Ppl dress the way of their personality and I was correct I bought the album and it had way too many young and dumb songs. If this how you dress in your mid to late thirties you look stupid. JE fans have grown up and its time for them to as well is it that hard to be an adult?

  4. ReddChief78 7 years ago

    Dressing the way someone else THINKS you should dress is whats stupid. Just because someone gets older doesn’t mean they should dress older. I come up wearing hip clothing so me aging 20 years isn’t gonna make me change that, i’m gonna stick to what i know & what i’m comfortable with. Wearing a suit & tie to a wedding, church or funeral etc. is understandable but other than that a person sticking with the clothing of their time is also understandable. What you wear has nothing to do with being an adult, taking care of yourself and or your family & doing what you gotta do & being responsible makes you an adult.

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