Pharrell Williams Covers November Issue of ‘EBONY’ Magazine


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Pharrell Williams has had one hell of a year. From a countless number of awards and performances to incredible visual concepts accompanying his latest album G I R L, this has really been the year of Skateboard P.

While he’s humbly basking in his accomplishments, the legendary and timeless star is still making an impact in other areas as well. Covering the November issue of the famed EBONY Magazine, the singer/producer/whatever else you can think of, is giving readers a look into the creative mind that we’ve grown to love.

Touching on the subjects of racism to women, the superstar answers the questions that we’ve been asking for quite some time. One subject in particular that Pharrell tackles is the accusations of his bias against Black women. “I love Black women,” says Williams. “If you don’t think I love Black women, then you don’t understand me.” He continues to add, “I have obsessed over Black women since the days of Jayne Kennedy, Beverly Peele and Roshumba Williams. Those are the women I daydreamed about growing up.”

Another issue that the public has been very vocal about is the apparent lack of support from celebrities throughout the drama surrounding the Michael Brown killing in Ferguson, Mo. Pharrell says: “I don’t talk about race since it takes a very open mind to hear my view, because my view is the sky view. But I’m very troubled by what happened in Ferguson, Mo.”  The hit maker then went on to state: “When things like that happen, we need to be a united cell. We need connective tissue to be linked by spirit and spirituality.”

On stands now, the November issue of EBONY is sure to be an interesting read.

Until you have the chance to grab it, check out the behind the scenes video of Pharrell’s photo shoot below:

[via EBONY]

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